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NEAT assists its customer during the whole life-cycle of their products.

When the system life-cycle is expressly regulated (DO254-DO178 for avionic systems or EN50126-EN50128-EN50129 for railway systems) we cover the system design and the system verification tasks, while we assist the customer in all other phases.

When the life-cycle is not expressly regulated, we analyze the system requirements and produce a “conceptual design document” to present to our customer a set of possible solutions. If relevant, a preliminary hazard analysis is discussed at this stage. Once the concept has been agreed on, we typically activate three different teams.
The first team is responsible for all aspects related to project quality, such as configuration management rules, coding conventions, traceability matrix and verification activities.
The second team is responsible for the hardware and software design and produces the prototype with the required software, assembles the design kit and releases the descriptive documentation.
Tests and qualification are committed to the third team. It selects the appropriate test setups and writes the test cases, test reports, manuals and all other documentation.