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We extensively use Linux for our prototypes, especially for debugging purposes. Linux is also the first choice when one of our computer are to maintain general purpose capabilities.

Our customers may also ask for specific operating system, either in accordance to pre-existing solutions or to keep the computer compliant with other CPUs mounted on the same vehicle. Then, we develop the board support packages for the selected operating systems and perform compliance verification tests.

In addition, we developed our own operating system to be used when the computer is intended for safety-critical applications.

GEMINI-OS comes up with an all-encompassing solution providing task scheduling capabilities, system built-in diagnostics, efficient I/O management, and ease of integration and driving of application-dependent additional I/O boards.

GEMINI-OS native APIs are compliant with the most popular standards in the field of safety-critical applications. Moreover, GEMINI-OS built-in test library is specially designed for time-effective detection of safety-related faults affecting any component of the processing core. The capability of readily detecting hazardous behaviors allows for the definition and the implementation of a system safe-state suitable for the particular application requirements.