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NEAT carries out activities in SW testing and verification as well as HW integration testing in conformance with applicable standards.

The purpose is to verify for the required safety level, through tests, that the software of a particular phase has been developed in a correct manner and consistently with the input requirements for that phase and that software and hardware interact correctly in order to implement their functionality.

The types of tests that NEAT carries out are:

  • Module tests, used to verify the detailed design requirements. These tests can be executed both on a virtual environment and on the target computer.
  • SW integration tests, used to verify the software architecture requirements. Black box and equivalence-class approaches are employed.
  • HW/SW integration tests, used to verify the architectural requirements that describe the interaction of the software with the underlying hardware. Black box, process simulation and performance testing approaches are used.
    We collaborate with third party test houses for environmental, EMI-EMC, shock, vibration and other tests.

Laboratory: bring-up, burn-in, pre-comp

Prototypes and Bring-up:

  • Pick’n place fully automated machine Madell PX 3700
  • Fiber-optic inspection system Optilia flexia OP-019
  • LeCroy SDA760Zi – 40GS/s


  • XJTAG bundle (boundary scan developer environment)


  • Angelantoni DY110C – Climatic Chamber

Pre-compliance tests:

  • Angelantoni DY110C – Climatic Chamber
  • EMTest UCS 500N
  • Insulation resistance meter GPT-9903A
  • Spectrum analyzer Sigilent SSA 3021
  • Near field probes

We usually take part to the test campaign, by developing the specific SW for the test setup and by providing support during the results collection phase.