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In 2008, NEAT developed a SIL4 HW/SW certified Light Railway Interlocking System for tram ways management, in depots and lines. The system is completed with a data preparation tool and an automatic test environment.

The system manages route creations and cancellations only when all the safety measures are met, by analyzing feedback from the involved field elements (switch point machines, signals, track detectors, mass detectors and axle counters).

Reset procedures are foreseen to manage and recover faulty situations caused by malfunctioning field elements or unexpected tram movements.

The system is based on a 2oo2 safety architecture with vital Watch-dog. It makes use of ethernet interfaces to connect to the MMI. The system can be also expanded and therefore double the links to the field.

The interface to the expanded board is implemented using optical fibers and data is exchanged using a proprietary communication protocol developed in accordance to the EN50159 standard normative.

Complete diagnostic information are stored inside the system for later analysis.

So far, our Light Railway Interlocking System has been installed in more than 20 locations.