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NEAT is a fabless company.

NEAT designs and develops custom computer systems, releasing to its customers the complete design kit. It focuses on high-availability redundant computers (commonly used in avionic applications) and on computers for safety-critical applications (commonly used in railway signalling systems).

Whenever the application dictates critical constraints with respect to performance, power consumption or size effort, i.e. whenever a custom design is mandatory, NEAT plays a crucial role.

CPU used in our systems tailor the best suitable solution matching major critical constraints such as performances, thermal management, size, form factor, ruggedness, type of interfaces, thus giving a turnkey widespread offer to best fit customer’s requirements. When the availability of the system or the criticality of the applications are vital requirements we introduce custom architectural improvements like cross-channel data links, a 2oo2 proprietary resource-sharing core (GeminiX Engine) with a proprietary real-time operating system (GeminiX-OS).

NEAT manages a wide and ever-increasing hardware & software database containing complete designs plans and documentation on previously developed single-board computers, multi-board computers and complete systems.

Our customers generally ask for the customization of existing designs or for brand-new designs. The design database and the fully equipped laboratory make the time-to-first-prototype around 4-6 months. Usually, the first production batch follows 2-4 months later.