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targetIT is NEAT’s fully automated solution which allows the user to perform HW/SW integration tests directly on target. Test vectors files can be generated using third-parties unit test environment tools (i.e. VectorCast©). targetIT is a suitable verification tool for the execution of HW/SW integration tests following IEC 61508 and EN 50128 standards.
targetIT main features are:

  • Automatically execution of HW/SW integration tests
  • Automatic execution of HW/SW integration tests
  • Automatic execution of SW integration tests
  • Support for several formats for test-cases input files: NEAT proprietary .csv format file; VectorCast© .tst file; Possibility to support customer defined format file
  • No special code instrumentation needed: HW/SW integration test can be executed directly on target without modifying the original source code. In this way it is possible to test the same binary/executable file to be delivered.
  • Three kinds of target systems: Embedded systems, via jtag that supports gdbserver (i.e. Peedi by Ronetix); via jtag that support GreenHills Probe ; via local workstation; remote workstation
  • html report files: easy to import in your test report documentation
  • 5000 tests/h on a Intel Core Duo @ 2.67 GHz with 2GB RAM local workstation
  • Fully automated. After configuration the tool executes all the test vectors unattended
  • Test execution log files generation for traceability and for easy debugging of the SW application